Losers make goals. Winners make systems. 敗者は目標を作る。勝者はシステムを作る。

by | 2019-07-07 2:33pm Asia/Tokyo

Losers make goals. Winners make systems. 敗者は目標を作る。勝者はシステムを作る。

by 2019-07-07 2:33pm Asia/Tokyo

So you’ve read a bit about mindset. You realize now that you have changes to make to your mindset. How do you make those changes? You probably are thinking, “I should make a goal!”

“My goal is to become 100% fluent in English!”

Stop. You’re on the wrong path. Making a goal is a mistake. Losers make goals. Don’t be a loser.

You’ve probably never heard something like that. School teachers tell us to make goals. Our parents tell us to make goals. The TV and Youtube people we like tell us to make goals. It almost like the whole world screams, “Make goals!”

Forget that. Winners don’t make goals.

Want to be effective? Make a system. Want to be dangerous? Make a system. Want to be powerful? Make a system. Men and women that are deadly productive make systems. Aspiring mothers of large families make systems. Aspiring business magnates make systems.

So what is a system and what is the different between a system and a goal?

Goals are endpoints.Systems are something you do regularly. Goals are reached. Systems are maintained.

Here are some common goals you may have heard or made before:

I’m going to get a high score on the TOEIC.
I’m going to get into a great school.
I’m going to become fluent in English.
I’m going to read an English novel.
I’m going to learn English so I can get a better job.

Any of these sound familiar?

Goal-making is loser-think. The reason is that people who make goals are stuck in a state of failure most of the time. Am I a fluent English speaker? No. Have I reached my goal yet? No. Another day, another failure.

If they reach their goal, they achieve “success”. They feel happy for a short time and then are left feeling empty. Why? They lost their purpose. They had something to work toward, then when they got it, they realized that they’re done and have nothing to do.

That is the best case scenario for goal-makers. Most days, a failure. For a short time, successful and happy. Then, lost and aimless.

Choose systems-thinking. Get rid of feelings of failure and aimlessness. Embrace systems and your systems will set you free.