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Be known. 知られるようになれ。

Be known. 知られるようになれ。

One of the ways we know that we’re doing something important is when other people notice. Strangely, we find it difficult to believe the people in our inner circle. Instinctively, we know they have lots of good reasons to lie to us, even when they know we want the truth. Attention from a wider audience of people beyond our inner circle—from people who have no reason to lie to us—feels more honest and significant. It tells us we’re really doing something right.

And that attention can lead to greater things. At some point, if we want freedom, we need attention, too. If we want that big promotion and transfer to the US, we need to get the big boss’s attention. Small business owners need all the attention they can get (we call it marketing). People working in entertainment need an audience. Educators need students to pay attention.

The best way to get attention? Give attention. Remember, everybody wants to feel important. People are starved for attention and a feeling of importance. That’s ten times as true for adults. If you can make someone feel important, you will have their attention. Practice making people feel important.

If you’re learning English, find Japanese learners. Help them learn Japanese.
If you want to get that big promotion, help other people get their big promotion.
If your small business needs some customers, go find ways to help other small businesses get customers.

Having trouble getting attention? Ask yourself: Why should anybody pay attention to you? Are you really as capable as you believe? Are you really as intelligent or beautiful as you think? Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t worthy of attention, become worthy.

People that are masters of getting attention from large groups of people have a frightening, even dangerous, power. Once you have someone’s attention, you are plugged into their thoughts. You have the potential to change their thoughts, and thus their actions. When you have the attention of many people, you have the opportunity to influence them.