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Enter the arena. 競技場に立つ。

Enter the arena. 競技場に立つ。

As your empire grows, the words you say and the behavior you model begin to have a strange power that they didn’t have before. Famous people find that when they observe and talk publicly about current events, people, business trends, and so on, they can often become part of the story. If I tweet, “This burger from McBurgerHut tastes great,” nobody will care. If the CEO of Burger Castle tweets the same thing, sales go up for a day and maybe a meme spreads around the internet for a week. If the President of the US tweets the same thing, sales shoot up 10%, stocks go up 5%, the tweet is on the front-page news for a day, and then McBurgerHut becomes the meeting place for the common man to show support for the President.

While my words echo across the internet like the waves of a small paddle boat on the sea, the CEO’s words echo like a freight ship, and the President’s words are like an earthquake.

Intuitively, we understand that the President’s words are more important because of the power they have to shape reality. That’s a strange thing when you think about it. Abstract thoughts can change physical reality. It’s even stranger when your words begin to echo louder than you remember them, without you knowing or trying to make that happen. That’s what happens when some famous people talk about things in public.

That’s what happens when you enter the arena of human events.

We all have power at some level. Our words can ripple through space and time through our children. One day you’re telling your son “good job” for remembering how to say 「クジラ」 in English, the next day he’s moving to America to work for Toyota’s US branch. Or, one day you ignore his English grades and focus on that funny variety TV show with all the celebrities on it, the next day he’s hungover at his job working at the factory after puking on a cute girl at the nomikai the previous night.

The wise man will recognize early in life that his actions and words have power, no matter how mysterious and unknowable. For people that want to do good for others, that’s why it’s important to live life the way you believe is good for other people to live.

Remember: Your words and actions have power. In Japan, Japanese words have more power than English, but around the world, English has more power. If you want your words to ripple across the world, they’ll need to be in English.